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Volume 01

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DV Series

AE Pro Series

These are four random samples from our
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We need Timelapse Clouds Footage for an awesome new product.
Footage must be HD (ideally 1080) and between 12-25 seconds.
Write to us at if you own such footage.

Adobe After Effects Expresso Plugin - broadcastGEMs Cube WipeFX

Details and Paypal order button are here .

broadcastGEMs CubeWipeFX (Intro - 1 low bandwidth )

broadcastGEMs CubeWipeFX (Intro - 1 hi bandwidth )

broadcastGEMs CubeWipeFX (Teaser 1)  

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NEW HD Template - Available Soon

click to watch trailer -  broadcastGEMs Organic Travels 01  

 broadcastGEMs AEPro Series Volume02 is now available.

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Checkout broadcastGEMs' Volume01 AEPro HD here.


What people are saying about broadcastGEMs' products.
broadcastGEMs ... provides more customization options than simply buying animated background QuickTime movies.

Steve Kilisky - Adobe After Effects Product Manager
Steve's Blog
broadcastGEMs (AE Pro Series Volume01) is an excellent value and a valuable tool. To be able to have such a wealth of content available to you, and to be able to customize each element of that content is an extremely valuable resource. This is something that serious designers should consider simply from the time saving aspect of the package. To have a myriad of quality expressions, comps, and animated elements available at the touch of a key is something that all of us want for our projects.

Jim Harvey
CreativeCOW Contributing Editor
VERY impressive process, and loads of opportunities ... overall, this is (broadcastGEMs DV Pro Series Volume01) one of the more creative approaches to this type of work I've seen.

Douglas Spotted Eagle
Grammy, Emmy, Du Pont, Nammy, Peabody & Telly Award Winner.
Video Producer, Record Producer, Author, Writer & Songwriter

These ... collections of background libraries and animated backdrops are professional and high end. The difference with this package (broadcastGEMs AE Pro Series Volume01) is that the backdrops load into After Effects as a multi-layered project, allowing you to pick them completely apart and tweak, tint, animate, and create something entirely new from the template. This is a great concept, and it works better than more static, unalterable backdrop packages.

Frank McMahon
Video Systems Magazine

Killer material, extremely professional and useful (DV Pro Series Volume01) ... let's go! I want the next now, already.

Brad Christian - Ellusionist

Wow, this thing is INCREDIBLY DEEP! There is just so much here (broadcastGEMs AE Pro Series Volume01)! Endless possibilities abound. My head actually hurts! ... Really creative, advanced thinking has gone into these comp designs's great as a designer myself to 'dig around' in somebody elses comps and see things like transfer mode combinations I wouldn't have thought to use, and it opens my eyes to different ways of thinking and approaching my work. As a fairly 'advanced' AE user myself, I can honestly say I've never built any .ffx files of my own as complex as these. I have several personal favorites I'm sure I could find plenty of uses for, (velvety01 anyone?).I know the frustration of liking a background, but wanting to be able to reposition or swap out an element. No such luck when you are dealing with flat rendered output-only stock solutions. The days where a client was satisfied by a bit of colorized blurred out background video with basic motion type are over.

Carey Dissmore, Carey Dissmore Productions Inc.
IMUG (International Media User's Group) Chair Emeritus

The animated backgrounds in this collection [AE Pro Series Volume01] are top notch. These After Effects projects are on par with some of the best stock footage libraries out there. I was really amazed the artists of this DVD collection would actually include the project files. But that is the best part about this collection; the ease in which you can customize the backgrounds for your specific project. Because these are After Effects projects, you have the ability to make subtle tweaks, or dramatic element changes instantly. Included in this collection are numerous Effects Favorites and Animation Presets that you can apply not only to this collection, but to your own compositions as well. High quality, ease of use, and ability to adapt to your project earn this collection a Strong Buy Recommendation. For US$229, you can easily justify the expense by the smile on your clients face.

Stephen Schleicher -

broadcastGEMs' DV Pro collection has an assortment of clips that are ready to be used in your next production. Created by professionals who know what the client is looking for, these clips should score points in your next production. I give broadcastGEMs' DV Pro Series a Good Buy Recommendation.

Stephen Schleicher -

It looks pretty damned good!

Jean Hauptman - Motion Graphics Designer

broadcastGEMs receives 5 out of 5 stars! The package (AE Pro Series - Volume01) is targeted to broadcast professionals who are under tight deadlines and lots of pressure to create neato cool graphics ... it's the designers dirty little secret.They are complex comps that would take quite a while to create from scratch. The great thing about this product is that the hard part is done for you and you get to modify and tweak them until your heart's content.(Roland Kahlenberg), the founder of broadcastGEMs, is an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor and he really knows the program inside and out. I know the program really well too and I teach AE at an art college, but I have to say, I've learned a bit while going through the broadcastGEMs projects. He uses certain techniques which I've never tried.

Michele Yamazaki -
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